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Alex Schmidt Interview on Skateboarder

Interview: Christian Senrud
Photos: Aaron Smith unless otherwise noted.

Stereo has a long history of riders who possess that extra little something that subtly sets them apart from the others. Ethan Fowler, Jason Lee, Pastras, Renaud, Raymond, Clint and on and on. They’re all different but because of their finesse, power and individual styles and takes on skateboarding, they all emanate that classic Stereo vibe that we’ve come to expect from the Sound Agency. So when last year Stereo announced some team additions I was curious who would be on board. Alex was one of them and sure enough his skating has that subtlety inherent to all the classic Stereo riders.

I met Alex in the van on the way out to Arizona for the first Stereo team trip in a few years. He was one of the more motivated people on the trip, skating every spot and getting something at pretty much every one of them whether it was for the cameras or not. After the trip he kept the ball rolling, going out with Aaron and various photographers to shoot, so we decided to do an interview with him to get to know him a little better. Enjoy. :

Who are you, where are you from and who do you ride for?
My name’s Alex Schmidt, I’m from Leucadia, California and I skate for Stereo, Theeve Trucks, Insight clothing and I actually just got my first Nike box yesterday so I’m pretty stoked on that.

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