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Belcopalooza Champ: Tommy Fynn

This past weekend saw one of Australia’s largest skate pilgrimages hone in on Canberra’s Belconnen Skatepark for Belcopalooza 2013. Click here for more info and coverage –

Stereo’s Tommy Fynn takes 1st Place at BELCOPALOOZA!

“Tommy Fynn is not only highly talented on a board, he is a strategist. Despite injury he hit up all parts of the vast course with consistency and tech precision. With a knee injury, he pretty much had to land on his board or he was going to be in strife. In the last half of his heat he did nothing but that, turned it on and capped of the deal with a kickflip front board down the seven followed by an icy kickflip crook down the small hubba. Birthday luck? I doubt it. ” – Skateboarding Australia