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Insight on Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt - Insight
Fresh off his ‘Off the Grid’ on The Berrics, we take a few minutes to chat with Insight flow rider, Alex Schmidt. Alex recently made the move from North County San Diego to live the faster life in Los Angeles. He’s an all around good guy and skates like a champ, what’s not to like about him?
Interview by Keegan Fong

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?
Im from Leucadia CA and I currently reside in Echo Park

You recently moved to LA, what sparked you to move there?
Change of scenery, different spots, different people yadayadayada

How do you like LA so far?
So far its been good, Im still adapting to the new surroundings and getting familiar with it all. Its not too drastic of a change considering Leucadia is only a hour and a half a way, but at the same time its totally different. Echo Park is neat I like it a lot.

What’s a normal day like for you…run us through it.
Wake up, coffee and breakfast, and then I….