Stereo Sound Agency

Stereo x Keep-a-Breast

Jason Lee, Chris Pastras and Clint Peterson shooting at the Keep A Breast office for the KAB Magazine! Watch photographer Giovanni Reda get the cover shot and follow the boys to a KAB signing at Zumiez in Camarillo, CA.

Stereo Sound Agency has partnered with The Keep A Breast Foundation with this exclusive Stereo Vinyl Cruiser to raise awareness and support for KAB’s continuing efforts to eradicate breast cancer. KAB and Stereo want you to get out into the world and be active everyday. $3 from the sale of this Stereo x KAB collaboration vinyl cruiser skateboard will benefit KAB’s support, education, and prevention programs. Skate safe and have fun.

“The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser/Keep A Breast collaboration board is something we’re extremely proud of – it’s a great way to support an important cause and have fun the same time.” – Jason Lee

“Breast cancer has affected my family, so working with KAB has always held special meaning for me. I did a hand-painted breast casting for the foundation years ago, so to reconnect and do this project was really special.” – Chris Pastras