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Stereophonic Sound Ensemble: Vol 6

This Ensemble of Stereophonic Sound gives your eyes a hi-fidelty presentation of percussion, brass, strings and woodwinds. Enjoy this eclectic arrangement of Stereo’s own Yoshi Tanenbaum, Nick Zizzo, Tony Karr, and breakout percussionist Nate Greenwood.
- Conductor of the Eagle Rock Philharmonic, Chris Pastras

“Passing the limits of human belief, ‘Ensemble: Volume 6′ made my ears cry and my eyes have ear aches.” - Senior writer at The Atwater Recorder, Enoch Schwartz

Welcome to the World of Stereophonic Sound!

Filmed by: Jacob Messex, John Sullivan, Ira Ingram, Eric Lesar, Chris Thiesson, Elliot, Vecchia, Mark Nikels, Greg Sanocki, C.N.

Edited By: Mark Spencer

Music: “Sabotage” by 1939 Ensemble
From the Album “Howl and Bite”
2013 Jealous Butcher Records
Music Supervision by Matt Fleeger