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“The Fisher King” – ESPN

Fisher pops a fakie ollie in Paramont, Calif. – Photo: Karpinski

The Fisher King” By Chris Nieratko

Stereo Skateboards newest rider, Ben Fisher, is a rarity among skateboarders. Generally most up and coming ams throw caution to the wind and worry about the now — never planning for the future. Fisher is just the opposite: he works very hard on the now, (just watch his welcome video part that’s a minute plus longer than what Stereo asked for), but his sights are locked on the horizon down the road. He’s currently studying real estate and realizes he might not be the next Paul Rodriguez — but he’ll be able to sell Rodriguez his next house. caught up with Fisher to discuss Stereo, Stacks and the art of driving stick. How did you get on Stereo?
Fisher: I was on Stacks [Skateboards] and I had skated with Chris [Pastras] and Jason [Lee] before at The Berrics and seen them about in LA. We always said hi to each other and have been super cool. Once Stacks went out of business they (Stereo) hit me up and asked what was up. We took it from there. I told them where I wanted to be and they were down to back me and now I’m here.

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