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Watch it on EP.03 "ARRIVED" Tommy Fynn heads back to his old stomping grounds in Brisbane, Australia, in episode 3.

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW A COMMUNITY FOR FILM Film Photographic was created by Stereo co-owner, actor, skateboarder & photographer Jason Lee to connect people with a passion for film photography via Instagram @filmphotographic. USE #FILMPHOTOGRAPHIC ON YOUR FILM PHOTOS to help grow the FP communityFP Shirts and Pins available on

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Watch it on EP.02 "HECTIC" Tommy Fynn's second PUSH episode is a swirl of all the responsibilities, perks, and inconveniences of being a Pro skater. You may be on the verge of getting kicked out while trying to shoot an ad one minute—with an audience that includes legends Mike Blabac and Josh Kalis—then rushing off to catch a cross-country flight the next minute. It's all part of the deal, and it can get a little… what's the word?

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Charlie Coatney exclusive on Subterráneo. How skateboarding influences your art also... and What's the connection between jazz and skateboarding for you? I have always drawn pictures as a kid, emulating skateboard graphics in the confines of my room. Ed Templeton was my earliest real influence in art. If he did not introduce me to his world, I would most likely not do art, design, or photography at all. He would give me drawing pads and markers at his kitchen table and tell me to draw something. I was super intimidated and embarrassed, so I would always go home and try harder...

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Yoshi Tanenbaum – Crooked Grind © Jon Mehring Patrik Wallner’s new film is titled The Hidden Colony and it’s every bit as awesome as you’d expect. By Niall Neeson The search for skateboarding thrills around this world of ours is never-ending. Patrik Wallner has quickly established himself as the leading light of the left-field skate exploration, be that through the Caucasus, Madagascar or Kazakhstan. When he proposed to link up with Yoshi Tanenbaum, Vladik Scholz, Thaynan Costa and Marius Syvanen to take on the manifold challenges of skating Hong Kong and Macau, luminary lensman Jonathan Mehring stepped up to handle...

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