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Specimen Series by guest artist Rich Cali

Stereo Specimen Series
by guest artist Rich Cali

"Rich Cali is one of my favorite artists - own a few of his amazing pieces. So when the idea came up to have him do a Stereo guest artist series, it was a no-brainer. These came out so good." - Jason Lee

Clint Peterson's board has the Great Northern Loon, the Minnesota state bird. To the top right the natural branches and brush resemble where the birds are commonly seen. 

Kyle Leeper's deck features a queen palm tree, found in southern California. The symbol facing westward, towards California. The other symbol is the sun.

Jordan Hoffart's graphic is a Douglas Fir, standing tall aside a cliff. The Douglas Fir, commonly found in Vancouver. 

Tommy Fynn's graphic has the Blue Crane, the South African National Bird. A fern common in New Zealand, and a compass symbol, facing 'down under.'

The Stereo team board is the California King Snake.

All of the work was done by hand, ink and brush. The red pigment is a natural ink, known as 'dove's blood,' used for writing positive spells and love spells. - Rich Cali  

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