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Yoshi Tanenbaum -

Not only does Yoshi Tanenbaum have one of the most distinctive names in skateboarding, he also is a master of showstopping trick selection. Like his pixelated namesake, Yoshi's last trick will make you lay an egg. - The Berrics

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Stereo "Amor Eterno" by artist Gustavo Rimada. Now available at local skateshops and online. Click here to SHOP NOW!See more of Gustavo Rimada's work or shop for an original or a print of his art on Follow Gustavo Rimada on instagram @arte_de_gustavo  

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Tommy Fynn -

Stereo Retro Arrows decks ad featuring Stereo Pro Tommy Fynn! In the April 2017 Issue of The Skateboard Mag Now - Check out our selection of decks Photography by Paulo Macedo

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Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Tobin Yelland -

"Being photographed by Tobin, you knew it was going to be good, and different. His was always a positive and encouraging and creative energy. An artist from day 1." - Jason Lee"I've always loved shooting photos with Tobin Yelland. He'll quietly blend into a session, skate with you a bit to break the ice, offer you just the right amount of encouragement, and then capture the most magical photos/moments without you barely noticing. His shots are always timed perfectly, and they all have a raw quality to them that is uniquely Tobin." - Chris Pastras Jason's image graced the cover of Transworld...

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Watch it on EP.03 "ARRIVED" Tommy Fynn heads back to his old stomping grounds in Brisbane, Australia, in episode 3.

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