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New Stereo AM: Tommy Fynn

Stereo Skateboards is proud to announce the addition of Tommy Fynn to the Stereo team.

Born in South Africa and currently living in Brisbane, Australia, the 22 year old Fynn has been making waves in the scene for some time now. If you have not seen Tommy's "Mag Minute" at, or his section in "Part in Parcel", please watch them now along with this video to see why. Great style, gnarly moves alongside tech moves, and all with an insane level of consistency. Needless to say when the opportunity opened up for us to make him the part of the Stereo family, we jumped on it.

The rest, as they say, is and will be history. Welcome Tommy Fynn to Stereo!

"When difficult flip tricks started to go down in the early to mid 90's, the consistency was a major issue. And when they got applied to grind or slide tricks, the attempt to land ratio was even more grim. It was just flick your board toward the curb or ledge and hope for the best. Fast forward a couple decades to today, and thankfully we have skaters at the skill level of Tommy Fynn. Not only does he do really difficult tricks, he does them really really well, he does them with great style, and he does them with a level of consistency unmatched by previous generations. I am really proud to welcome Tommy Fynn to the Stereo skateboards family today. The future's in good hands" - Chris Pastras