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José González x Stereo

We’re excited to announce the release of 2 new decks as part of a special collaboration with renowned Swedish singer/songwriter José González featuring artwork from his 2021 album “Local Valley” by Hannele Fernström.
"It's always exciting when you discover that people you admire are skaters. I've been a huge fan of José's for years, so to have been able to collaborate with him in the making of these Stereo boards is an absolute honor." - Jason Lee
”I’m super excited to collaborate with these creative skate legends on the Local Valley boards. I used to skate in my early teens and remember watching videos with my friends, listening to the music, heading out on the streets to try to imitate what Jason Lee and Chris Pastras among others were doing. My skating was on a basic level but the subculture they were part of influenced me a lot - the clothes, the music, hanging out with friends all day trying to find new places to do our tricks. The boards look great with Hannele Fernström’s painting and the classy stereo logo. I’m very happy this collaboration happened!” - José González
"I first got in contact with José González via email through Jason as I love José’s music and had heard he was into skating. After a bit of back and forth pen pal banter I realized he was a for reals skater and immediately sent him Stereo product. Shortly there after he invited me and my lady to a concert of his at the Troubadour, during the height of the success of his single “Heartbeats”. We were blown away! • Born to make music that man! It’s a beautiful thing! Needless to say we are truly honored to do these Stereo Skateboards collaboration boards with José in tribute to his recent album “Local Valley”. Artwork by Hannele Fernström." - Chris Pastras

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