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Made in America. Limited Edition Collectible. 

The "J.Lee in the Hat” is a modern twist on his 1991 iconic mini graphic, artfully updated by artist Mark Penxa. 

Classic 1991 full size shape, adjustable for modern day riding with double truck holes for a shorter wheelbase and longer nose. 

The “J.Lee in the Hat” is a limited run of 500 boards.

The shape is a fun ride, and also a must have collectable, so get one before it’s gone! 

Width: 9.5”
Length: 31” 
Wheelbase: 14.5” or 14.25” (double drilled) 

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The “Curb Crusher 3” is the 3rd incarnation of Chris “Dune” Pastras’ slappy shape. 

This is an update to the classic Dune baby series from 1990, artfully recreated by Mark Penxa and positioned in one of Dune’s classic curb moves, the frontside hurricane. 

Get one and go chomp some curbs! 

Width: 8.38” 
Length: 31.75” 
Wheelbase: 14”   

Made in USA by Quincy Woodwrights.