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Waldo Diaz’s Official “Welcome to Stereo” Part!

This stylish cat has been in our mix for years now. He’s a humble kid, that skates creatively and stylish…and we’re proud to finally announce Waldo Diaz’s official “Welcome to Stereo” 🎷🎷part! On Thrasher Mag right now! Hyped to have some new blood that fits the brand on all fronts!
Many thanks to all involved! 
Filmers: @tommypaz @ramsesarroyo @lowgunmathyous Kevin Pariona
Edited by: @markdspencer @tommypaz 
Graphics: @derekmichaelbrennan 
Music: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Blow Your Cover 
#StereoSince92 🎺🎺