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Yoshi in "The Hidden Colony"

Yoshi Tanenbaum – Crooked Grind © Jon Mehring

Yoshi Tanenbaum – Crooked Grind © Jon Mehring

Patrik Wallner’s new film is titled The Hidden Colony and it’s every bit as awesome as you’d expect.

By Niall Neeson

The search for skateboarding thrills around this world of ours is never-ending. Patrik Wallner has quickly established himself as the leading light of the left-field skate exploration, be that through the Caucasus, Madagascar or Kazakhstan.

When he proposed to link up with Yoshi Tanenbaum, Vladik Scholz, Thaynan Costa and Marius Syvanen to take on the manifold challenges of skating Hong Kong and Macau, luminary lensman Jonathan Mehring stepped up to handle photographic duties, and an unbeatable combination came to life.

Would the packed streets of Hong Kong prove too much for skate sessions to take hold? How would security in Macau react to our barbarians at the gate? The answers all lie in Wallner's intense and colourful new skate film, produced exclusively for

As Patrik himself said of the challenges: "Even before planning this trip I was uncertain if a full-length clip would be possible to film, considering the security that loves to give you the boot as soon as you step on their property – but with the motivation and luck we had, it seems like we've proved to the skate community that Hong Kong is, once again, a force to be reckoned with."

It's not every day a squad like this gets assembled and we hope you agree the total result is greater than the sum of each pounding part. We leave you with the only appropriate word for the visual treat they produced: enjoy!


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