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Carl Shipman


Carl Shipman came out big, and surprised us all from out of the backwoods of Worksop, Northern England in the early to mid-90s. He showed up totally and casually unassuming at the 1994 Muenster, Germany contest wearing cut off shorts with no socks, and rattled off the BIGGEST, and most stylish kickflips, frontside flips, and frontside half cab flips the world had ever known. He left the other Pro’s speechless and likening his style only to a one J.Lee. Carl continued to shock and amaze leading into the filming of Stereo’s first video “A Visual Sound”, and then traveling the world in the mid to late 90′s with DC Shoes. Today Carl is a dedicated family man who still rips as hard as ever. The impact and impression he made continues to make him not only a true English legend, but a global one. Respect Shippy me brothaa!!

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