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Chris Pastras

Chris Pastras, Feeble Grind

STEREO CO-CAPTAIN, Agent Since 1992

Chris Pastras is not only a skateboarding legend; he is an established artist and television host. With his roots beginning with the legendary Shut skates out of the New Jersey/New York area, Chris started traveling and competing in the mid-80-’s. After moving to the west coast from New Jersey in 1990, “Dune” turning pro with World Industries, and landed a part in the classic “Rubbish Heap” video. Pastras then went on to start Stereo Skateboards in San Francisco with fellow team rider, best friend, and skateboarding legend Jason Lee in 1992. Chris is the heart and soul behind Stereo skateboards, and has upheld the brand’s integrity since day one. When he’s not running Stereo, hosting television, or creating art, you can find Chris skating somewhere in LA clocking footage with the Stereo team. His work ethic and unique style has left a massive positive mark in skateboarding, and with new team riders and videos for Stereo in the works, Chris continues to work harder than ever.

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