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Jason Lee

STEREO CO-CAPTAIN, Agent Since 1992

The one and only J.Lee burst into the scene in the mid to late 80′s hailing from the suburbs of Huntington Beach, Ca. Jason was generations ahead of his time, had a bag of tricks no one could touch, and possessed arguably one of the best styles skateboarding has ever seen. Jason would leave jaws dropped everywhere he went with trademark tricks like his kickflips to tailslides, backside flips, and the best 360 flips in the business. And this all long before most sponsored and Pro skaters could even consistently land a kickflip. Teaming up with Mark Gonzalez in the early 90′s, Jason had an amazing part in what remains to be on of the most esteemed videos of all time, Video Days. Jason then paired up with like minded pro skater Chris Pastras to launch Blue Skateboards. After a short span w. Blue, Chris and Jason formed Stereo Skateboards in 1992. The rest is history.

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Photographer, actor, family man, business owner, creative visionary, and true skateboarding royalty.

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