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Adventures In Stereo: Atlanta

Stereo Sound Agency Presents:

Adventures in Stereo: Atlanta

Stereo Skateboards co-founders and owners Jason Lee & Chris Pastras take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for an Adventure in Stereo.

"Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life..." For myself, that's been skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it. I often don't notice I haven't taken a day away from my computer or off my board in 2-3 weeks, sometimes more. For me, "working for the weekend" doesn't exist. This is it, this is me, and I love it. The MailChimp crew rules, and Atlanta has so much soul and history... I was in awe and inspired just rolling through the streets. Special thanks to Calvin Florian, MailChimp and the ATL crew! - Chris "Dune" Pastras

"Going to Atlanta with a film crew and exploring the city felt like the 'Way Out East!' days, back in 2004, wherein we traveled to different cities and made a film out of it, with equal parts lifestyle and skating footage. Using skating as en entry point for discovering new places makes the experience all the more interesting. Big thanks to MailChimp and Calvin Florian for making this chapter possible. More to come..." - Jason Lee

First Stop: Our first stop on the trip is to the headquarters for MailChimp, the leaders in email marketing. Stereo Skateboards has used the service since 2012 to keep connected to our fans and customers. MailChimp invited Jason and Chris to speak at a "Coffee Hour" event they do, where guest speakers talk about their business/life and inspirations. What a cool idea to offer your employees on a Friday morning. Turns out MailChimp isn't just an email powerhouse, the team is full of creative and innovative people, due in part to the unique atmosphere in their Old Fourth Ward HQ. Jason and Chris shared a slideshow of Stereo artwork & graphics, and told the story of Stereo Skateboards with old photos and anecdotes from the road. at Ponce City Market

Second Stop: Victory Sandwich Bar is this rad lunch spot right off the Beltline. We pulled up at the local cafe and a crew of vintage bike enthusiasts Brother Moto were parked out front for the lunch rush. I'd recommend the Boss Hog pork sandwich. We met up with Stereo artist Ron Rauto to review some new graphics in development and make plans to visit some super inspiring spots around town.

Victory Sandwich Bar in Inman Park
913 Bernina Ave NE
(404) 709-2892

Third Stop: Next we head down to the Sweet Auburn Historic District to visit the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a National Historic site, and stop into The Madam C.J. Walker Museum & WERD Radio Station. We met Ricci de Forest, museum curator and DJ of WERD Radio in the same station where MLK used to broadcast and coordinate many of the civil rights efforts in Atlanta. Downstairs is a salon and museum dedicated to Madam C.J. Walker, an African-American beauty pioneer in the early 1900's. She invented a line of African-american hair care products in 1905 and was one of the first American women to become a self-made millionaire. Housed in the salon and museum is a huge collection of Blues & Jazz vinyl records still being spun on live radio everyday. We stop in to visit with Ricci, dig through some vinyl and soak in the art and history, taking a moment to reflect on our favorite Jazz albums and the influence the genres have had on stereo's aesthetic.

The Madam C.J. Walker Museum & WERD Radio Station in the Sweet Auburn District
54 Hilliard St NE
Atlanta, GA

We had a blast on our Atlanta, GA expedition and are inspired to do more of these "Adventures in Stereo" features showing important places, skating spots and connecting with local business and creative people in the different cities we travel.


Featuring Stereo Sound Agency co-founders Jason Lee & Chris Pastras
Guest appearance by Stereo artist Ron Rauto

Produced by Calvin Florian
DP - Blake Williams
DP - Mark Spencer
Editing - Mark Spencer
Animation - lilfuchs
Audio - Robert Ferguson
Color Correction - Brian Smith
AC - Stephen Calsbeek
Still Photography - David Naugle
Production Assistance & Driving - Ben Amick

"Doina Blues" - The 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra

"Sharkskin Suit" - PLS PLS

"Where's the Man?" - Timo Lassy


Polaroid Land Camera photos by David Naugle
Photo by David Naugle

Photos by Jason Travis ,

Photos by Ron Rauto, Stereo Skateboards

35mm film photos by Ron Rauto