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Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Tobin Yelland -

"Being photographed by Tobin, you knew it was going to be good, and different. His was always a positive and encouraging and creative energy. An artist from day 1." - Jason Lee"I've always loved shooting photos with Tobin Yelland. He'll quietly blend into a session, skate with you a bit to break the ice, offer you just the right amount of encouragement, and then capture the most magical photos/moments without you barely noticing. His shots are always timed perfectly, and they all have a raw quality to them that is uniquely Tobin." - Chris Pastras Jason's image graced the cover of Transworld...

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Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Jason Lee -

Great video recap of the group art show at The Social List & Port. Thanks, The Quiet Life & Pizza Port Brewing Co. Special thanks goes out to Steve Saiz for putting it all together, and Thanks LBC! Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson & Steve Saiz art event - at The Social List / Port in Long Beach, California. June 29th 2016   Painting by Steve SaizArt by Steve Saiz Clint PetersonArt by Clint PetersonPainting by Steve SaizPainting by Steve Saiz Mister Rogers by Clint PetersonClint PetersonClint PetersonChris PastrasPainting by Steve SaizJack Nicholson by Clint PetersonFilm Photography by Jason LeeJason Lee -...

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Chris Pastras, Jason Lee -

Stereo Sound Agency Presents: Adventures in Stereo: Atlanta Stereo Skateboards co-founders and owners Jason Lee & Chris Pastras take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for an Adventure in Stereo. "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life..." For myself, that's been skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it. I often don't notice I haven't taken a day away from my computer or off my board in 2-3 weeks, sometimes more. For me, "working for the weekend" doesn't exist. This is it, this is me, and I love it. The MailChimp crew rules, and Atlanta has...

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Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Tincan Folklore -

Stereo Skateboards FULL video "Tincan Folklore" on for 3 days! Our friends at have made our film "Tincan Folklore" (1995) available at the new #HellaclipsApp and the website May 25 Wednesday-Friday / Get their free app now. Signed DVD Boxsets available here.    

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Chris Pastras -

Check out the latest “NOW YOU KNOW” episode with the Stereo boss, Chris “Dune” Pastras. He talks about his first set-up, early influences, Prime, re-issues, J. Lee, no lines and more! Watch now! Follow Dune on Like: Follow: Follow: Download the NEW HellaClips app: iTunes – Google-

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