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Classics Series by Guest Artist Colt Bowden


The Spring 2012 Stereo Classics Division was hand painted by Colt Bowden. Take a look at Colt's steady hand as he individually paints each sign to form the Classics series collage. The Classics Division for Spring 2012 features Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Matt Rodriguez & Chris Miller pro models.

"Colt's art is beyond timeless. He is a man of fine taste and distinction, a class act. He's an amazing artist, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and can skateboard like the dickens too!" - Chris Pastras

"I am a skateboarder, sign painter, folk artist of sorts. I find most of my inspiration from mid 1900's sign painting as well as americana folk art & illustration. Lover of the beach, sunny afternoons, good music and hanging out with the family." - Colt Bowden

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