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Pastras & friends for Richer Poorer socks

The Spring 2015 Richer Poorer Athletics video and lookbook continues with the authentic vibe of skateboarding and lifestyle with our Athletics Club. 

I gathered RP fam member Christian Maalouf, along with friends Daniel Shimizu and Justin Strubing to skate the streets of LA and Chinatown.This is pretty much my regular skate crew, and I always have a blast skating with these guys. Documenting the day were Mark Spencer, the talented mastermind that does the majority of our Stereo skateboards edits, and old friend Seu Trinh of Transworld Skateboarding fame. 

We cruised a few classic spots in our hood…ending the day with Chinatown. I’ve been wanting to shoot something in Chinatown for years. Now I know why few have done it, the security is nuts! Pulling it off on a crowded Sunday with only a few hours of light wasn’t easy, but I’m super happy with the shot of Christian grinding the box in the alleyway and the couple shots we managed to pull off running from bike cops and chasing the sunlight to end a proper day. 

Cheers!  - Chris "Dune" Pastras

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