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Dune - Blue Reissue

Before Stereo, there was Blue. Chris Pastras, "Spoon & Fork" Blue Skateboards Reissue from 1992 with art by Andy Jenkins is coming soon.

Shops contact Syndrome Dist (760) 560-0440 to carry. Check this & other new decks on the Catalog page.

"Super hyped on this 1992 Andy Jenkins graphic reissue from our our Blue Skateboards days. Blue was the precursor to Stereo Skateboards for those of you to young to know. My friend Don Bruno turned me on to a diner book back then that inspired the idea for the graphic. Plus Don and I did a whole lot of late night diner visits in Jersey. Once Andy touched the rough idea it was an instant classic. The board is coming out just in time for Agenda and is available in various sizes via Syndrome Distribution. Thank you Andy for the graphic, thank you Don and New Jersey diners for the inspiration, and thank you Ron Rauto for the great job on the updated graphic." - Chris Pastras