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Stereophonic Sound Vol 28: Classic Jason Lee, Pastras, Hoffart and Love.

For episode 28 we visit Chris Pastras’ local curb spot for some slappies, and then we go Diggin’ in the Crates to 2003 with some CLASSIC footage of co-captains Jason Lee and Pastras skating Steve Berra’s old skatepark (pre-Berrics). This was one of the early sessions when the boys were first bringing back the Stereo brand! Extra special thanks to Nate Van Dusen for capturing the moment.

"Skating again in 2003, after being away from it for 8 years, was like being born again. I had no idea how much I missed it until I was back on a board. And then Chris and I started skating together again. It was an incredibly exciting time, and it only made sense to bring Stereo back. And we're still at it. Thanks. Chris" - Jason Lee

Then we bring it back to present day to check in with Stereo riders Jordan Hoffart and Kevin Love. Ripping Boys! 

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from Stereo!

Filmed by: David Stoessel, John Lupfer, Nate Van Dusen
16 mm footage: Mark Spencer

Edited by Mark Spencer
Motion Graphics by Mark Spencer
Produced by Chris Pastras

Get The Blessing
From the album OCDC
2012, Naim Jazz Records

Music Supervision by Matt Fleeger

Instagram: @StereoSkateboards #StereoSince92 #StereoSkateboards #StereophonicSound

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