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Lost & Found - Jason Lee - Originally posted August 15, 2011 "Sometimes when going through our old unused footage we stumble across something extraordinary that somehow slipped through the cracks. In this trickipedia-esque edit we can't help but get inspired by Jason Lee's 360 flip. It is a thing of beauty. And you know what? He's been doing them just as good for longer than most of you have been alive." - The Berrics

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Jason Lee x Monster Children 48

JASON LEE IS GUEST-EDITING ISSUE #48 OF MONSTER CHILDREN MAGAZINE. Jason recently packed up house and home and moved to Denton, Texas, where the guys from Monster Children visited him during the making of the issue. They drove around in his truck, rode around on his bike, and then cruised around on his Polaris. Jason likes things with wheels. The issue drops September 10, so start licking your lips in anticipation. To celebrate Jason Lee’s guest editorship of our upcoming issue, Monster Children had him carefully curate a limited edition box set filled with original art by Chris Pastras and Gonz, photo prints by Jason Lee, photographer’s notebook, a leather embossed MC x J Lee "Bell & Oak" key ring, a Brixton hat,...

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Pastras' Table Talk: Jason Lee -

Episode 1 of the new Richer Poorer supported Monster Children series I'm hosting titled "Table Talk", is live now at For the premiere episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with my best friend of over 25 years Jason Lee @akajlee to talk photography and more.  On the topic of Jason's photography, give his new film specific Insta community a follow @filmphotographic. Big thanks to J. Lee, MC and RP for helping make this series a reality.   - Chris Pastras

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Jason Lee in "Style" frame by frame drawn video - TWS

A classic Jason Lee line is drawn frame by frame by creative film maker Joe Pease. Gonz, FS pop shove, 180 fakie 50-50, half cab - Video DaysGino, FS Noseslide - TrilogyJason Lee, FS 360, 3 flip, BS flip - Video DaysSean Sheffey, Fakie Ollie - A Soldiers StoryNeil Blender, spray paint wall - NSA contestKeenan Milton, switch flip - MouseJason Jeese, Ally Oop - A Reason for LivingChristian Hosoi, Layback at Del Mar 1985Natas Kapas, foot plant off fire hydrant - Street on FireMatt Hensley, BS flip melon - Hocus Pocus / QuestionableJulian, gap to tail bash - Element SkypagerRay Barbee, no complies - Public DomainPenny? FS flip - Etnies High 5John Cardiel, curve to huge method - Sight UnseenJay Adams, curves and berts Contest run.Transworld...

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WeSC x Stereo

WeSC and Stereo have always been like family…so we’re really excited about this collaboration, and to help kick it off… we have launch parties in Stockholm, LA and New York….for more information about the collaboration and to shop online go to      

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Recap video from KINGSWELL - Video by Katy Schlemmer WeSC X Stereo Collaboration Launch Party - The WeSC X Stereo Skateboards collaboration launch party went off last Saturday at Kingswell Los Feliz in Los Angeles. TSM‘s Jacob Messex was there with his camera in hand to snap some of the attendees. Tons of classic Stereo and WeSC memorabilia filled the walls of Kingswell. Click through for some photos from the night. Big thanks to WeSC, Stereo, and Kingswell for all the good times! Clint Peterson, Paul Schmitt & Chris Pastras Chris Pastras, Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Daniel Shimizu & Jason Lee Tommy Fynn, Ben Fisher & Nate Greenwood Photos by Jacob Messex - The   #WeSCXStereo Collaboration Launch & Two...

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