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WCRP: Chris Pastras Pt. 1 & 2 ft. Jason Lee

A radio-podcast series that features the history, heroes and misadventures of skateboarding. Hosted by, Clyde Singleton.

As we wind down Season 4, with none other than skateboarding LEGEND- Chris “Dune” Pastras. When I tell y’all I got a classic on hand, I’m speaking all facts. You do not want to miss this Part 2. Tune in, as Dune takes us thru his journey onto World Industries in the early 90s. Talks meeting Legendary filmmaker Spike Jones, and his first video part. Skating at the infamous Club Mars in NYC, during the Reagan Era. The mentorship of skateboarding LEGEND- Mike Vallely. We talk Blue Skateboards, shares an insane Steve Rocco story, Hosoi ollieing Brooklyn Banks wall first, and we close it out with a special guest appearance by skateboarding LEGEND- Jason Lee. Season 4 ender is everything you waited for, and more! It’s the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding.