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Stereo was founded in 1992 by longtime friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. By adopting the creative aesthetic of Jazz culture with it's early ads and videos, Stereo truly stood apart, and helped usher in a whole new wave of influences for skateboarding videos, ads, and graphics. Now with 2 decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential brand.

Featuring Stereo's Kyle Leeper, Matt Rodriguez, Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Clint Peterson, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Ben Fisher, Steven Snyder, Nate Greenwood, Tommy Fynn, Jordan Hoffart & Chris Miller.

Filmed by:
John Sullivan, Joe Pease, Joe Perrin, Greg Sanocki, Josh Metzger, Zach Curtis, Matt Williams, Georgie Tsushima, Mark Spencer, Chris Pastras, James Park, Eric Noren, Mark Brandstetter, Aaron Brown, Eric Guizetti, John Green, Chris Ray, Massimo Legittimo, Zack Mckenzie, Jared Lucas, Conor Holliday & Jamie Mosberg.

Edited by Mark Spencer
Art Direction by Ron Rauto
Produced by/ Creative Director: Chris Pastras

Dizzy Gillespie
"Dizzy Atmosphere"
Groovin' High
Savoy Records 1992

Betty Chung
"Bang Bang"
Mini Mini
Path EMI 1968

The Clash
"Mustapha Dance"
Super Black Market Clash
Epic 1993