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Stereo Sound Agency presents Stereo AM Steven Snyder, a skateboarder from Phoenix, AZ. Steven is the first of Stereo’s AM Radio project, a monthly series of AM videos to be released here. The amount of clips Steven stacked for this video is unreal, clip after clip, Steven kicks off Stereo’s AM Radio Project with a bang! - The BerricsWatch it on the Berrics siteWe are stoked to be able to highlight our amazing Am Team over the coming months so stay tuned for further installments. Filmed by Josh Metzger with additional filming by Cody Long & Tim Vasquez. Graphics by Ron Rauto...

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Jason Lee, Steven Snyder, Yoshi Tanenbaum -

Stereo Skate Session presented by Vans at Oaktopia in downtown Denton, Texas. September 25th-27th, Stereo Skateboards owner Jason Lee, Yoshi Tanenbaum and Steven Snyder will be shredding the miniramp with the boys from Denton Skate Supply. Special thanks to VANS, Denton Skate Supply , Monster Children magazine, Real Rad Records and Richer Poorer Socks.  For more info on Oaktopia check out the festivals site -  

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Ben Fisher, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Jason Lee, Jordan Hoffart, Kyle Leeper, Nate Greenwood, Steven Snyder,, Tommy Fynn, Videos, Yoshi Tanenbaum -

Stereo was founded in 1992 by longtime friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. By adopting the creative aesthetic of Jazz culture with it's early ads and videos, Stereo truly stood apart, and helped usher in a whole new wave of influences for skateboarding videos, ads, and graphics. Now with 2 decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential brand. Featuring Stereo's Kyle Leeper, Matt Rodriguez, Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Clint Peterson, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Ben Fisher, Steven Snyder, Nate Greenwood, Tommy Fynn, Jordan Hoffart & Chris Miller. Filmed by:John Sullivan, Joe Pease, Joe Perrin, Greg Sanocki, Josh Metzger, Zach Curtis, Matt Williams, Georgie Tsushima, Mark Spencer, Chris Pastras, James...

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Stereophonic Sound, Steven Snyder -

For Volume 19 Stereo AM Steven Snyder and filmer/editor Josh Metzger bring you an epic follow up part from “Sloppy Seconds” released in February and seen in Stereophonic Sound Volume 12. Stevens a working class ripper living in Phoenix, AZ who manages to hold down a full time job and stack clips every time he steps on a skateboard. He also happens to be one cool ass MoFo, so if you see him in the streets, join the session and say what’s up, he’s the best!! Three big cheers to baby Boi! We Love Steven Snyder! – Chris Pastras Welcome...

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Ben Fisher, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Jordan Hoffart, Stereophonic Sound, Steven Snyder, Yoshi Tanenbaum -

Peterson, Pastras, Hoffart, and more in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 16 In this volume of Stereophonic Sound we go Crate Diggin' with some Clint Peterson highlights from a "ToeBock In Northern Oregon" trip, then join Chris Pastras, Clint, and friends to a scenic LA mini sesh for some Coping Vibes, and finally we head south to the Syndrome Distribution skatepark for some Tincan Parklore with Clint Peterson, Nick Zizzo, Jordan Hoffart, Ben Fisher, Yoshi Tanenbaum and Steven Snyder. Enjoy! Welcome to the World of Stereophonic Sound! Filmed by: Mark Spencer, Adam Crew, Georgie Tsushima, Mark Brandstetter, Eric Noren and Chris PastrasEditing...

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