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Stereo Skateboards: A Visual Sound (1994) - Full video in HD on YouTube

"'93/'94 was probably my best period for skateboarding, where I felt the most confident and in control. such a fun, electric time. and so pivotal for me creatively - it was ultimately the co-directing of this stereo skateboards video - 'a visual sound' - that would open up the photography door for me. those early s.f. stereo days were huge for so many of us, and our team was amazing. and to have had guys like tobin yelland and gabe morford there to document it all was incredible. big thanks to chris pastras for your brain, and to deluxe sf and jeff klindt (RIP) for making it all possible. " - Jason Lee

"The making of "A Visual Sound" in '94 was special. The style of skating, SF as a backdrop, the team, the timing of it all...the idea and vibe of Stereo was in the air at the time, skateboarding was ready for it. We just captured it, put visuals to it, and were able to express and share it." - Chris Pastras

Stereo’s first video, A Visual Sound, is one of the first introductions of experimental art, film, and music in skateboard videos. The video is written, produced and directed by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. Throughout the video, abstract and eclectic still frames and photos are intermingled with color and black and white footage of skating. Besides Mike Frazier’s vert contribution, the video is solely made of street skating with long lines of flip tricks, rails and slides on and over ledges, banks, curbs and stairs. The soundtrack is a pure jazz lineup from Ululation and Tommy Guerrero.

"To this day, Jason Lee remains one of the most fun dudes to watch on a skateboard. It's parts like this in Stereo's A Visual Sound that remind us that skateboarding is fun and artful. He's got style for days..." - The Berrics, Steve Berra

"1994 - A Visual Sound ...They stuck their finger into the hole that Gonz had made for jazz music in skateboarding and ripped it wide open. Not only did they use jazz throughout the entire video, rather than just one section, but also incorporated classic jazz record aesthetics into their advertisements and board graphics." - Read More here on Jenkem

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