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Carl Shipman, Matt Rodriguez -

Stereo Collage Series by guest artist Charlie Coatney. Shipping to skateshops now! This 3 deck series features a long awaited Carl Shipman graphic, along side with a Matt Rodriguez deck and a Stereo Collage team board.Charlie Coatney uses paint or cut paper to make these colorful bold collages.  Follow Charlie on Instagram - @loosenut_inmy_head

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Carl Shipman, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Matt Rodriguez, Stereophonic Sound, Yoshi Tanenbaum -

In Volume 23 of Stereophonic Sound we go “Diggin in the Crates” with an excerpt from Stereo’s 2008 Promo video “Agency Field Report” with Chris “Dune” Pastras, Clint Peterson, Carl Shipman & Matt Rodriguez. Next we follow Yoshi Tanenbaum to PA to skate the massive compound at Woodward East. Special Thanks to Woodward East, Dave Metty, Carl Shipman, Go Pro, and WeSC. To see the WeSCxSTEREO collab collection & to shop online go to Yoshi at Woodward Filmed by: Ben Hatchell Edited by: David Stoessel “Agency Field Report” from the Stereo video archive, 2008 Music: Truth & Soul Records Additional Editing/Motion Graphics: Mark...

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A Visual Sound, Carl Shipman -

  Saturday May 25th in Marseille, France, classical piano player - Fortunato d’Orio (from the Opera de Mulhouse) covers classic tunes from 20 classic skate parts - while the video part plays on a giant screen. Watch the preview video for Stereo's Carl Shipman's part from "A Visual Sound". More info about the project:

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