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Jason & Chris Back on the Nine Club, Together!

Jason Lee and Chris Pastras discuss the legendary session where they first met, skating for World brands together, calling 360 flips tre-flips, Jason leaving Blind & Chris leaving World, Jason getting into acting as Stereo Skateboards is coming up, vert skating in Blind “Video Days”, the best kickflips of all time, skateboarding duos, the days of iconic board graphics and much more!

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Jason Lee on The Nine Club

Jason Lee discusses growing up in Southern California, first learning 360 flips in his backyard, meeting Mark Gonzales for the first time, skating Christian Hosoi’s backyard vert ramp, getting on Blind Skateboards, filming for “Video Days”, starting Blue Skateboards with Chris Pastras, why they ended Blue and started Stereo Skateboards, skating with Julien Stranger in San Francisco, how quickly skating was progressing in the early 90’s, why he “retired” from skating and started acting, shooting his first movie, doing voice over work for video games and being in Skate 3 as Coach Frank, getting the lead role in the TV show “My Name Is Earl”, taking up photography, his photography books and much more!

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Chris Pastras on The Nine Club

Chris Pastras discusses commentating skate events, how he got the nickname Dune, skating for Shut Skateboards, leaving Shut for World Industries, filming for Rubbish Heap & 2 World Industries Men, turning pro for World Industries, starting Blue Skateboards then Stereo Skateboards with Jason Lee, becoming Osiris Team Manager, getting into slappies and much more!

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Jordan Hoffart on The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Jordan Hoffart discusses growing up in Maple Ridge Canada, entering Tampa Am, riding for Sixteen Skateboards, getting on Powell, acting in commercials and movies, baking Jessica Biel a pie, being the first rider on Bones Wheels, filming for the Powell video “Fun”, tailsliding Staples Center Hubba, riding for Stereo Skateboards, filming for his Berrics part, battling a laser flip on ETN “Face Melters”, how he started Black Plague Brewing and much more! 

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