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Stereo was founded in 1992 by longtime friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. By adopting the creative aesthetic of Jazz culture with it's early ads and videos, Stereo truly stood apart, and helped usher in a whole new wave of influences for skateboarding videos, ads, and graphics. Now with 2 decades of heritage, Stereo continues to be an influential brand. Featuring Stereo's Kyle Leeper, Matt Rodriguez, Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Clint Peterson, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Ben Fisher, Steven Snyder, Nate Greenwood, Tommy Fynn, Jordan Hoffart & Chris Miller. Filmed by:John Sullivan, Joe Pease, Joe Perrin, Greg Sanocki, Josh Metzger, Zach Curtis, Matt Williams, Georgie Tsushima, Mark Spencer, Chris Pastras, James Park, Eric Noren, Mark Brandstetter, Aaron Brown, Eric Guizetti, John Green, Chris Ray, Massimo Legittimo, Zack Mckenzie, Jared Lucas, Conor Holliday & Jamie Mosberg.Edited by Mark SpencerArt Direction by Ron RautoProduced...

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Stereophonic Sound Volume 18

Jason Lee, Ethan Fowler, Chris Pastras, Jordan Hoffart, Tommy Fynn, and more in Stereophonic Sound Volume 18 In Episode 18 we go “Diggin’ in the Crates” to bring you a remix montage from Stereo’s classic video from 1994 “A Visual Sound“, along with some previously unseen footage of Chris Pastras, Ethan Fowler, and friends from the same time skating the legendary Brooklyn Banks in lower Manhattan. Then we go west to session Prince Park in Oceanside, CA with Jordan Hoffart, Tommy Fynn, Chris Pastras, and Georgie Tsushima. Next we check in with Georgie for a Field Agent Report, yah Georgie! “A Visual Sound” and “Tincan Folklore” are available in a Box Set DVD via Syndrome Distribution, shop inquires call (760)-560-0440....

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Stereophonic Sound Volume 17: Hoffart, Fynn, Leeper, Greenwood, Yoshi and more.

For volume 17 we bring you a Stereo Team Montage with the Swingin’ Sounds of Jordan Hoffart, Nate Greenwood, Kyle Leeper, Jordan Hoffart, Tommy Fynn, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Ben Fisher, Steven Snyder, and Nick Zizzo. We also introduce you to Stereo Field Agent Kevin M. Love, ripper!!! Add in some comic relief from Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, and BOOM. Enjoy! Welcome to the world of Stereophonic Sound! Filmed by: Greg Sanocki, Georgie Tsushimi, Mark Brandstetter, Sully, Aaron Brown, Tyler Wilcox, Cory Cabrera, Chris Pastras, Mark Spencer, Eric NorenEditing and Motion Graphics: Mark SpencerHoffart Photo: PLG “Ritchie Bros.”By Blue CranesFrom the Album “Observatories” “The Turtle”By DupreeFrom the Album “Nuestro Camino”www.dupreeband.comMusic Supervision by Matt Fleeger @StereoSkateboards #StereoSince92 #Stereoskateboards #StereophonicSound SUBSCRIBE to...

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Stereophonic Sound: Volume 16

Peterson, Pastras, Hoffart, and more in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 16 In this volume of Stereophonic Sound we go Crate Diggin' with some Clint Peterson highlights from a "ToeBock In Northern Oregon" trip, then join Chris Pastras, Clint, and friends to a scenic LA mini sesh for some Coping Vibes, and finally we head south to the Syndrome Distribution skatepark for some Tincan Parklore with Clint Peterson, Nick Zizzo, Jordan Hoffart, Ben Fisher, Yoshi Tanenbaum and Steven Snyder. Enjoy! Welcome to the World of Stereophonic Sound! Filmed by: Mark Spencer, Adam Crew, Georgie Tsushima, Mark Brandstetter, Eric Noren and Chris PastrasEditing & Motion Graphics by Mark Spencer Music:“Who is Walt Druce?" by the Cactus ChannelFrom the album "Wooden Boy"2013, HopeStreet

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Jordan Hoffart in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 14

In this volume of Stereophonic Sound, we welcome Jordan Hoffart to the Stereo Team! “Jordan is a powerhouse that never stops working.” – Jason Lee “Two words come to mind when I think of Jordan Hoffart: RAW POWER. Jordan is one of the gnarliest humans, and he just so happens to also be one of the nicest and realest dudes I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in the Pro ranks in recent years. So stoked to have him join our squad!” – Chris Pastras All that said, we are beyond proud to have Jordan Hoffart join the Stereo Pro team. It’s time. The future is now! Welcome to the world of Stereophonic Sound! Filmed by: Jared Lucas, Jordan Mayfield, Zach...

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