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Matt Rodriguez - Chrome ball interview #134

Chops and Mr. Sunshine talk hot sauce.  So your loose trucks are the stuff of legend, but before we get into that, I have another set-up related question.... grip over bolts? Why?   (laughs) I don’t know if I saw someone do it or what, but I just like it. And I’ve been doing it for a long time, too. I want to say since right around the time I turned pro. I just like the way it looks and feels.   How so?   It feels smoother, for some reason. And honestly, I just got sick of looking at my bolts. They look lame to me... they’re kinda distracting. This way, it makes my board feel more like a hovercraft. (laughs)...

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Jordan Hoffart on The Nine Club with Chris Roberts

Jordan Hoffart discusses growing up in Maple Ridge Canada, entering Tampa Am, riding for Sixteen Skateboards, getting on Powell, acting in commercials and movies, baking Jessica Biel a pie, being the first rider on Bones Wheels, filming for the Powell video “Fun”, tailsliding Staples Center Hubba, riding for Stereo Skateboards, filming for his Berrics part, battling a laser flip on ETN “Face Melters”, how he started Black Plague Brewing and much more! 

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Chrome Ball Interview #133: Jason Lee

Conducted July, 2019.  So talk to me about growing up in Huntington Beach as a skateboarder. I feel like the beginning of all this is probably the easiest place to start. Well, my brother, James, and I got plastic department store skateboards in 1977. We tooled around on those for a bit. But at that age, whenever you get a plastic skateboard, you don’t really consider yourself as much a “skateboarder” as you do a kid with a cool new toy to roll around on. Because we were also into BMX racing and riding dirtbikes, too. A pretty typical Southern California upbringing in the 70’s. I ended getting another store-bought skateboard a little later on, a Variflex. It had the...

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The Folklore Project is here.

Made in America. Limited Edition Collectible.  The "J.Lee in the Hat” is a modern twist on his 1991 iconic mini graphic, artfully updated by artist Mark Penxa.  Classic 1991 full size shape, adjustable for modern day riding with double truck holes for a shorter wheelbase and longer nose.  The “J.Lee in the Hat” is a limited run of 500 boards. The shape is a fun ride, and also a must have collectable, so get one before it’s gone!  Width: 9.5”Length: 31” Wheelbase: 14.5” or 14.25” (double drilled)  Browse the shop   The “Curb Crusher 3” is the 3rd incarnation of Chris “Dune” Pastras’ slappy shape.  This is an update to the classic Dune baby series from 1990, artfully recreated by Mark...

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Stereo Swingers decks by Alyasha Owerka-Moore

Stereo Swingers, Art by Alyasha Owerka-Moore @stackaly “I grew up in a household full of Jazz. When Dune and J.Lee started Stereo, I was blown away by the concept of a Jazz based skateboard brand. Jazz and skateboarding!? Of course! It’s perfect! You couldn’t get more Punk than this. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. The skaters they had on the team, the graphics, the ads, the videos and the photographers and videographers they chose to work with were all brilliant. It helped me see/define continuity in a brand and the importance of it. (While still being freeform) Stereo in many ways was the bar that was set in my own future work. They proved you could do your own...

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